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1. Quarantinelier

2. The Pregnant Void

3. Doom

4. Liquid Swords

5. Flayed 1

6. Flayed 4

7. Black Mail

8. Importance Is An Illusion Of Man

9. Camo

10. Plz Like & Share

11. Body Prophecy

12. Givenchy Angel
13. Half A Human Body In A Tree

14. Angel Investor

15. Tiffany's Tiny Cock

16. Lovers

17. Tetsuo

18. 4 Moments Of An Explosion

19. Toner Carcasselier

20. Ego Imputresco

21. Good Luck

22. I've Never Been Clean

materials: acrylic, wax, thread, glass iv bottle, vintage iv stand, barbed wire, wax, spent xacto blades, student loan bills, bolts, nuts, maps, bike lock, welding steel, chain, staples, crystal, childhood family bathroom towel, spray paint, ashes, blood, cum, piss, spit, spent toner cartridges, tire fragment, led lights, copper eyelets, ouija board, prodigy firestarter vinyl single, canvas, wire, advertisements, & collage.

“I am interested in the ways in which we create meaning in our lives, and how we assign significance to certain objects, images, and experiences. Through my work, I seek to explore the hidden meanings and subconscious associations that underlie our perceptions creating each of our own unique realities.”

With a deep-rooted passion for exploring the boundaries of his practice, Draxler seeks to provoke the viewer through the clever fusion of traditional and experimental techniques.

Draxler's creative process is heavily influenced by his fascination with the subconscious, inviting viewers to delve into the depths of their own psyche. By employing a range of materials, such as collage, photography, painting, assemblage, and new media, Draxler constructs multi-layered compositions that are at once striking and illusory. Each piece serves as a refraction of an internal world, a manifestation of the intangible thoughts, feelings, and memories that reside beneath the surface of our everyday lives, each of our realities self-augmented.

At the heart of Jesse’s practice is a fascination with the idea of transformation (often represented by a butterfly emoticon Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ). He uses his practice to explore the ways in which our experiences and emotions shape our identities and how we can use and manipulate those identities to transform ourselves and our world. Through this practice he creates work that speaks to the human experience in all its complexity and nuance, encouraging viewers to confront and challenge their own preconceptions and engage in a deeper understanding of their own world around and within them.


Jesse Draxler's art is a visual cacophony that defies categorization, transcending the boundaries of traditional mediums and embracing the chaos that resides within the human spirit. His work is a celebration of the complex and ever-changing nature of existence, and a testament to the power of art as a means of self-discovery.


Jesse Draxler

b. 1982


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