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Forever remaining on the edge of what’s next, in the spring of 2021 Jesse officially began his journey into crypto art. Having had interest in cryptocurrency since 2016 it made sense to him to merge the two into a new economy of online artists. He did, and still does, see art as a first use case (ie: experiment) for the infinite potential of blockchain and smart-contract technology. He remains active within the Web3 community as a co-founder and public personality for the Web3-based art organization Fakewhale, as well as regularly exhibiting and dropping within the ecosystem.


In December of 2022 Jesse launched his most ambitious blockchain project, Crash. A generative art project resulting in 200 unique collages with algorithmically dictated compositions. The algorithm’s rules were dictated by Jesse himself, while the code was written by collaborators. All 200 of these works are now in the hands of collectors, with some available on the secondary market.

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